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About Diamond File
About Diamond File
News Source:   2012-10-5 13:39:54

About Diamond File

        Process: by plating, so that the emery adsorbed on the substrate (45 steel) surface.
        Features: wear-resistant, surface sand close next, not falling, keep the sharpness, long-term wear-resistant.
        Surface finish: matrix part of the nickel plating layer, bright, high-finish, finish by working part sand; granularity to decide the finer sand and finish as possible. 150 mesh and 200 mesh
        (1) for the ordinary flat glass, frosted glass, sandblasted glass, patterned glass, wired glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, glass tiles, polished, particle size between 80-120 and difficult to chipping, speed, grinding smooth glass surface.
         (2) for granite, basalt, limestone, dolomite, sandstone, marble and other stone cutting and polishing, between particle size 36-60, enough sharp, fast grinding, long working hours, no chipping. Smooth stone surface after grinding.
         (3) for overglaze, underglaze color, blue and white, pink ancient only, wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary ware, ceramic handle, containing silicate, silicon and other materials grinding, particle size 60-80 , sharp, short working hours, no chipping. The smooth surface of ceramic products after grinding.
        (4) Other metal-based products can also be polished, such as aluminum, stainless steel, etc.. If the polished of rapid steel and tungsten steel, custom plated CBN sand, the CBN sharp.
Specifications: needle files (3 * 1404 * 1605 * 180), a large plate filing, flat oblique filing and other types of filing